Terms & Conditions

Weddings and events

After a consultation I will send a quote, if this is agreed upon I ask for a 20% non refundable deposit to book. This is payable within two weeks of the quote being issued. Full payment is then required a month before the wedding date. Any changes to agreed arrangements and designs must be made a month before the wedding day.

In the event of a cancellation, any expense already incurred e.g flowers ordered will be charged to the client.

Due to seasonality of flowers I reserve the right to amend an agreed flower choice to the closest alternative in the event a variety cannot be sourced.

Vases and any other equipment supplied by me is the responsibiity of the client between delivery and collection.


I need a minimum order time of two days between receiving the order and delivery. Flowers are delivered in a small amount of water to survive the delivery process but will need to be moved to a vase as soon as possible and kept away from heat sources, direct light and fruit to prolong vase life.

I can deliver flowers to a safe place if the customer is not at home but I do not accept responsibility for any damage to flowers after they have left my hands.

Flowers are celebrated for their beautiful but ephemeral life and many of the flowers I use are grown by myself organically, giving them unique character and meaning they have not been drenched in chemicals to be transported for thousands of miles. For this reason flowers can be expected to last between 4 & 7 days. Bouquets can be edited during their life span, removing dieing flowers to keep the others looking fresh. Some will last much longer and can even be dried in the vase or a dark room.