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“Rosie, Rosie, Rosie, where on earth do I start?! WILD FLORAL BRILLIANCE. I always knew that I wanted Rosie to be my wedding florist before I was even engaged, her floral arrangements are beautiful, timeless, unique and wild and her passion, appreciation and knowledge for all things green and gorgeous is evident in her arrangements. I knew that my wedding flowers were in very safe, very green hands and after our floral catch ups I felt completely relaxed in letting Rosie work her floral magic.  The moment I saw the flowers on the day of the wedding all of our floral catch ups flashed through my mind and lost for words all I could think was WOW!, Rosie got them SO right, SO perfect! I knew they were going to be amazing, but by gosh forget the dress, hair, make up, it’s all about my blooms now and I want these to last forever! For me they made my wedding attire completely, I’m still head over heels in love with them now, as are family and friends! Rosie you floral superstar, as I’ve said before, you know me more than I know me when it comes to flowers, you get it completely and most importantly you get the flowers completely. I absolutely love you and your flowers and brides of Wild Florals are really very lucky.” - Gemma, August 2018.

“St John’s has been fortunate to work with Wild Florals over a range of summer and winter donor and alumni events in the past couple of years. Operating perfectly to deadline, and meeting our style specifications perfectly, the floral and foliage arrangements produced demonstrated a dazzling creative flair and are always heavily complimented by our guests. We know Wild Florals to be a safe pair of hands for whatever we need and look forward to working with them again in the future.” St John’s Development Office, Cambridge.

“We were delighted with the flowers that Rosie prepared for our wedding. She put together such a wonderful seasonal, natural look that incorporated all of the flowers we liked and the bouquet and arrangements were absolutely beautiful, complete with fragrant old-fashioned roses, peonies, foxgloves and more.” Nicky Buckley

“Valentine’s flowers can be very formulaic.  The one’s my wife Alison received from Wild Florals were different, artistic, and super well received.   Indeed we were both delighted, and given Alison’s hobby is flower arranging, its a true compliment.  Well done, and thank you.”  Prof.Tony Purnell

“Rosie’s exqusitie flower arrangements provided a wonderful feature in my home over Chrismtas. Each arrangement was full of interest and detail, incorporating wow factor with delicate embellishments that never ceased to delight. Her use of different foliage, fruits, seeds and brushweed alongside stunningly diverse flowers created truly enchanting arrangments. Rosie delivered just what I was looking for just from me giving her a a short brief, but it was also great that she kept me updated through out the planning stage. She reponded with creativity and sensitivity and her helpful advice on how to care for the flowers meant that they lasted for over two weeks. You really can trust Rosie’s artistry so I would certainly recommend people give her license to let her imaination run wild!” - Dawn Bainbridge

“Rosie went above and beyond in producing a farewell bouquet for a colleague, who was over the moon with the results (and subsequently Instagrammed it to within an inch of its life!). Wild, organic, gorgeous – whatever she produces is guaranteed to be gratefully received. Wild Florals is for those inclined to sidestep those run-of-the-mill bouquets that lean on oversaturated supermarket favourites (roses, carnations, lilies). For a striking natural arrangement which will last a while in the vase, this is the girl to go to.” Jess Mackenzie, Cambridge

“I had a vision of what the courtyard at the pub could be - a green and splendid secret garden - a mix of traditional and exotic - soft tumbling climbers and architectural splendor - plants to smell and touch. I spent hours at garden centres, splashed out on boot loads of plants and watched them die in their appropriate watery graves. Then Rosie happened. She understood my vision, budget and my dream and made it a reality. THe courtyard is now joy, pure, leafy, flowery joy. From tumbling window boxes to exuberant climbers and gorgeous, smelly blooms.” - Sarah Lee, The Punter pub.



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