My brother in law got married in July and I had the pleasure of doing their flowers. His bride Jessie was fantastic to work with as she gave me free reign & let me go big on her bouquet!

Jessie wanted pops of colour alongside a rich burgundy, so I used Dahlia ‘Arabian Night’, Astrantia, Amaranthus & Blackberries (de-thorned of course!),  alongside Clematis, Fox Gloves & Roses.

I made her a flower crown of Helichysum cut from my garden, Wax Flowers and small unripened blackberries. These were nestled amongst Abelia foliage and fastened with a deep burgundy ribbon that flowed down the low back of her wedding dress.

Although the days are busy and tiring, this time of year reinforces my love (if that was ever really needed anyway!) for Gardening & Floral design. It is so lovely to be in the garden every day, to witness the daily changes of stems pushing through the surface of the soil, seeds germinating and flower petals unfurling.

I love following the whole process from start to finish, researching seeds, sowing them in the soil and caring for the fragile seedlings until they are ready to be planted outside. Then watching and waiting for the right time to harvest and finally arranging them.

Photographing them is also a pleasure, capturing their ephemeral beauty before they come to the end of their lives. I love to watch flowers age in a vase, reaching that perfect moment when they are at their peak; I think even dying flowers can look incredibly beautiful as they drop their petals and change colour as they age.

Here are some photos of flowers I’m growing in my little patch at the moment.

I’m also building a greenhouse in my back garden, but that’s a story for another day..!

There was an outdoor ceremony in front of an arch which I decorated with Eremurus and Amaranthus. I used potted Salvia plants at the base which were then planted after the wedding. I like to use potted plants in some cases as it means the flowers continue to live on after the wedding and can be added to your garden or given to guests as gifts.


I sourced hand-dyed silk ribbon from Lancaster & Cornish for Jessie’s bouquet and for the bridesmaids. Long lengths of ribbon moved in the breeze as she walked up the aisle and the colours worked beautifully with the flowers. The ribbon makes a lovely keep sake after the wedding too, Jessie told me how she dried her bouquet and now it adorns her living room as a lasting memory of the day.

Photos By Laura Babb –