I hope everyone has had a lovely Christmas and is now well rested and ready for some New Years eve celebrations. Unfortunately I have spent Christmas with a horrible cold and feeling pretty exhausted.

The last few weeks have been so busy with Gardening jobs, floristry work and a very stressful Garage conversion that when I finally stopped, my body gave into illness that it just wasn’t allowed to do before hand! It does seems to be a specialty of mine to get ill just before an event I’m really looking forward to! Although being ill hasn’t been the nicest way to spend Christmas, I can definitely look back on the year and feel pretty happy – I have found a new job that I love and pushed myself to do things that a few years a go, I just wouldn’t have had the confidence to do. I’m looking forward to what next year will bring now, a new cutting patch, some lovely weddings to work on and two new garden projects to get stuck into.

I have been enjoying thinking of my wreaths adorning doors all around Cambridge this Christmas. As much as I love wreath making, it has definitely got to that point in the year where I would rather not see another one for a little while now! The first Punter pub Christmas Fair was a great success and it was so lovely to sell my flowers alongside so many lovely local independent businesses. We hope to make these a regular event so watch this space for the next one…

My studio is nearing completion now, It is lovely to have a little bit of space that I can devote to flowers. It’s amazing the mess you can make with a few stems and leaves and its nice to be able to shut the door on that sometimes, rather than it covering the dining room table!

Its also so satisfying to finally have wall space for my many vases, it makes me smile seeing them all lined up in colour and size order now!

I now have a fridge for my flowers too, to keep them fresh and perky. There was a rather upsetting moment earlier on in the year however, when I thought I had got a fridge on free-cycle, which turned out to be a freezer. I found out the hard way by freezing some rather expensive Fritillaria persica bulbs, so much so that they had disintegrated into mush..(it was -15 in there!) my new fridge has a temperature alarm on the front so that wont happen again! Fritillarias were hastily re -ordered and are now safely in the ground, so hopefully I will still have my dream Dutch Master inspired arrangements in the Spring!

I have had five seed catalogues pop through the door in the last couple of days, good timing for a gardener itching to get going in the garden again, although not so good for my wallet! So tomorrow I am going to be hiding away with cups tea and my note pad, dreaming and planning for the flowers of 2017..

Happy New Year everyone!